You can email me “FIRST NAME”++“LASTNAME” I use PGP/MIME to sign and encrypt email. You can find my public key linked here (the file’s SHA256= 24280761bbcda19afccf01b99a1a0a209aadfec8038b6facde1bab17b9a963e9). Its fingerprint is 86AC 9FE0 3B59 F914 7252 08DE CF66 07D8 EB30 2630. This has recently (as of February 2022) been updated from an old key (7BC25 3447F 901C3 EBD46 AB5ED DFB27 273B2 BFBB6). I still have access to the old key, but at some point I will fully transition to the new one, so please update you key repositories!

Online presence

I have the following presence online. You are welcome to follow/contact me on all of them; however, I will respond quicker if contacted by email.