James Leslie

James Leslie


I am a PhD student at the University of Western Ontario with Chris Kapulkin as my supervisor. I graduated with an integrated masters at the University of Edinburgh in July 2018 (supervised by Antony Maciocia) and started my PhD in September 2019. My areas of research include homotopy type theory and higher category theory. I am generally interested in foundations of mathematics and their relations to category theory.

Outside of mathematics, I enjoy running, cycling and swimming.

Office hours and current tutoring work

Currently, I do not have any office hours. I am a teaching assistant for:


Date Title Resources
March 2021 The Canonical Model Structure on Cat/Gpd Notes
June 2020 Homotopy Theory in Contextual Categories  
June 2020 Modelling Dependent Type Theories  
April 2020 The HoTT Book - 8.2 and 8.3 Notes
December 2019 A survey of Infinity Toposes  
November 2019 Toposes and their logic  
April 2018 Toposes (Masters thesis talk) Slides
April 2017 Mathematics and Logic: A theory of Sets (Bachelors project talk) Slides


Date Conference Location
October 2019 Midwest Homotopy Type Theory Seminar Ann Arbor
July 2019 Category Theory 2019 Edinburgh
June 2019 Higher Topos THeory and Univalent Foundations Leeds
September 2017 British Logic Colloquium 2017 Brighton
July 2015 Hilbert Bernays Summer School on Logic and Computation Goettingen


Courses I have taken in my PhD program at Western.

Date Courses
Winter term 2020 Algebraic Topology Field Theory (audited)
Fall term 2019 Higher Category Theory Complex Analysis (audited)


2020 Semester 1 I was a mentor for the directed reading program for a project on bicategories and mates.
2019 Semester 1 I was a mentor for the directed reading program covering category theory.